Financial And Company Analysis Of Js Group Finance Essay

JS Group controls and operates market-leading fiscal services companies in Pakistan across sectors including plus direction, commercial banking, Islamic banking, insurance, investing banking, fiscal advisory services, stock securities firm, company research, consumer recognition evaluation, factoring and micro finance.

JS Group besides has investings throughout Pakistan ‘s economic system, including its industrial sector, engineering & A ; media sectors, commercial existent estate, energy & A ; natural resources and air power.

Central Background Information

Background of the company

Built over four decennaries, JS Group is one of Pakistan ‘s most diversified and progressive fiscal services groups. JS Group has grown from its roots in Pakistan ‘s fiscal services industry. JS Financial operates market-leading companies in plus direction, investing banking, securities securities firm, commercial banking, insurance and trade finance.

Group concern is shown in diagram:

Vision Statement

To be the leader in the fiscal service sector

Mission Statement

To guarantee growing of assorted fiscal services by making new Merchandises and services in

fiscal sector.

Company Analysis

Operation Analysis

JS Group has grown over the last four decennaries partially by hammering successful partnerships with international, first organisations and trade names to develop new concerns in Pakistan.

Examples of JS Group partnerships in Pakistan include:

aˆ?Accor Group – Hotels

aˆ?Allianz – Insurance

aˆ?Dubai Bank – Islamic Banking

aˆ?Experian – Consumer Credit Bureau

aˆ?General Motors Acceptance Corp ( GMAC ) – Trade Finance

aˆ?Global Investment House – Brokerage

aˆ?Hertz – Vehicle Leasing and Rental

aˆ?International Finance Corporation – Asset Management

aˆ?Ulker – Food

Fiscal Analysis

JS Financial is the oldest concern of the JS Group and remains at its nucleus. It operates

through a figure of market-leading companies:

Jahangir Siddiqui & A ; Co. Ltd. ( JS & A ; Co )

JS & A ; Co is one of the largest investing houses in Pakistan and heads a diversified fiscal services group. JS & A ; CO has a tradition of leading and excellence. It was Pakistan ‘s first securities house with a Wall Street pedigree through its joint venture with Bear Stearns & A ; Co. This was such a fantastic accomplishment of the company. JS & A ; Co is rated AA+ ( long term ) and A1+ ( short term ) by the Pakistan Credit Rating Agency and issued Pakistan ‘s longest-dated ( 10-year ) corporate bond.

JS Global Capital Limited ( JSGCL )

JS Global Capital Limited ( once, Jahangir Siddiqui Capital Markets Ltd. ) is one of the

prima investing banking and securities houses in Pakistan. Global Investment house

KSCC, the taking investing bank in the Middle East is a 43 % stockholder of the


The chief activities of JSGCL are:

Equity, Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange Brokerage

Fixed Income and Money Market Gross saless

Equity Gross saless and Investment Advisory

Corporate Finance Advisory


JSGCL is rated AA ( long term ) and A1+ ( short term ) by the Pakistan Credit Rating Agency.

JS Bank Limited ( JSBL )

JS Bank Limited has been formed subsequent to the amalgamation and merger of Jahangir Siddiqui Investment Bank Limited and American Express Bank Limited ‘s Pakistan subdivisions. JSBL ‘s focal point is to supply a quality and advanced scope of banking services and merchandises.

The Bank ‘s cardinal activities can be categorized into three Business Unit of measurements:

Retail and Consumer Banking

Treasury, Fixed Income and Debt Syndications

Corporate and Commercial Banking

JS Bank Limited besides has a Primary Dealer licence for authorities securities from the State Bank of Pakistan.

JS Investments Limited

JS Group controls JS Investments ( once, JS ABAMCO Ltd ) , Pakistan ‘s largest

private sector plus direction company. JS Investments manages over USD 400 million in assets through eight open-end financess and five closed-end financess.

EFU Insurance Group

JS Group is the second-largest stockholder in EFU which comprises:

aˆ?EFU General: Pakistan ‘s second-largest general insurance company

aˆ?EFU Life Assurance: Pakistan ‘s largest private sector life confidence company

aˆ?Allianz-EFU Health: Pakistan ‘s merely specialised wellness insurance company

Bank Islami

JS Group launched Bank Islami in 2006 to turn to the turning demand for Shariah compliant banking services in Pakistan. Bank Islami was launched in partnership with Dubai Bank and the Randeree household, principals of the DCD Group.

Human Resources Anaylsis

Human resource patterns at the securities firm houses are non similar to any other company.

Following are the patterns followed in the Human Resources at JSGC:


Recruitment is done through referral, internal beginnings, word of oral cavity or caput hunting.


Candidate is selected on the footing of experience, cognition and strong mention.

Promotion Opportunities

There are ample publicity chances available at JSGC for the employee which is

Based on the public presentation.

Performance rating

Job public presentation is the best manner to analyse the public presentation. Numbers of securities firm

and clients represent the public presentation of the employees. Besides this, observation of

the higher direction works as a tool for public presentation rating and publicity


Termination and Demotion

Although expiration and demotion are rare, yet based on the hapless public presentation and

Malpractices from the employees there is a opportunity of demotion and expiration.

Compensation and Benefits

JSGC provides Medical, wellness insurance, provident fund and pension fund for the


Selling Analysis

JS Global Capital Limited is a portion of JS Group which is one of the largest and most

diversified fiscal services concern group in Pakistan.

The group comprises concern in major economic sectors of Pakistan including fiscal services, information engineering, industrial, belongings, resources and transit using more than 10,000 people and gross of over US $ 700mn.

JSGC provides equities and fixed income securities firm and corporate advisory services to local every bit good as foreign clients

JSGC is listed on Karachi Stock Exchange and Islamabad Stock Exchange since February 07, 2005

JSGC, by virtuousness of its lineage, is one of the top agents in Pakistan

In 2006, Global Investment House K.S.C.C ( Global ) , a taking Kuwait-based investing and securities house, has made an investing of US $ 37 million in JSDC and holds 43.47 % strategic equity interest in JSGC.

After this investing, name of the company changes from Jahangir Siddiqui Capital Markets to JS Global Capital Limited

Enviornment Analysis

Following is the environmental analysis of the company and it comprises of the elements that are at that place in the environment with which the company interacts and operates.

Harmonizing to my observation of the market during my internship continuance I have following remarks on the analysis of the market:

Certainty is the biggest job in the capital markets. Due to unsure status investors are non confident plenty to put the capital in the market.

Capital markets have really strong linkage with economic and political conditions of the state

Pakistani capital markets are frequently controlled by the market movers or concealed forces

Government policies sing revenue enhancement and determination consequence the market straight

Capital flight is the job due to unsteadily of the market

Pakistani market is largely rumor-based

Industry and Market Analysis

Following is the analysis of the industry and market in footings of growing of the industry, market sections and merchandise lines

Investing banking

Leading investing banking house holding one of the largest corporate finance squads in


Provides corporate finance advisory in amalgamations and acquisitions, denationalizations and other consultative services

Aids Public & A ; Private sector entities, fiscal establishments, transnational companies and domestic and international institutional investors in raising

fundss through the domestic and international capital markets, either in the signifier of equity or debt or other consultative

Its investing banking squad has advised M & A ; A and denationalization minutess to local every bit good as foreign companies

Equity Gross saless

One of the largest securities securities firm houses in Pakistan with more than 1,000 clients, both local and foreign.

One of the top equity agent by volume in Pakistan holding 8 % market portion

Independent agent evaluations are non available in Pakistan.

Managing more than 20 % of foreign and fund concerns in Pakistan.

Provides services across all countries embracing equity markets.

Speedy executing of client orders and prompt colony of all trades.

Possession of typical ability to position and supply information from a position, relevant to both domestic and foreign clients likewise.

The gross revenues squad includes 27 dedicated equity traders supplying services to taking local and foreign clients. Average trader experience is more than 6 old ages.

Support staff consists of 9 client service officers and 23 executives in operations section basking first-class working relationship with all major custodian Bankss.

Fixed Income Advisory

Largest fixed income gross revenues squad in Pakistan helping over 75 establishments

Team consists of 10 Money Market and 7 Forex traders with 12 support staff.

Having 25+ and 32+ market portion in Money Market and Forex trading.

Acts as an advisor/arranger/underwriter for the issue of bonds and TFCs. Along with TFC securities firm and Mutual fund sale.

Clients include commercial Bankss, investing Bankss, renting companies, common financess, tip funds/pension financess and provident financess

JSGC ‘s investing banking squad has served as advisor/arranger/underwriter in 22 out of the 76 TFC issues ( Bond issues ) in Pakistan to day of the month


JS group is the innovator in macroeconomic and equity research in Pakistan

It is among the top research houses in the state supplying the largest coverage of Pakistan Equity Market.

The research squad is one of the largest with 7 analysts along with 4 support staff.

Research squad receiver of ‘Best Analyst ‘ award from the CFA Association in

2003 and 2004.

JS Research provides the active coverage on the companies which constitute JS Universe.

JS Universe comprises 47 active companies and represents more than 85 % of KSE 100 index

Since 1991, JS Research has been the sole supplier of research and informations on Pakistan to Standard & A ; hapless ‘s Emerging markets Database.

JSGC was besides a research supplier to the Hong Kong-based Pakistan Investment Fund, the first dedicated off-shore investing fund in Pakistan

Research merchandises include:

Morning briefing ( a daily merchandise )

Technical Outlook ( a daily merchandise )

Market Statistics ( a daily merchandise )

Weekly Review ( a hebdomadal merchandise )

Evaluation Snapshot ( a monthly merchandise )

Detailed Company/Sector Reports ( as and when required )

Economy Report/Budget Analysis ( as and when required )

Strategy Report ( as and when required )

Rival Analysis

Harmonizing to my observation the competitory analysis are following below:

Although JSGC is one of the prima securities firm houses, yet it has strong rivals as AKD investings, IGI securities, KASB securities, Arif Habib securities, Elixir securities etc.

Rivals of JSGC like IGI securities and AKD investings are supplying more

advanced services for the employees like online services.

Although JSGC is a strong research base but its rivals besides have thorough

research system like AKD investings, IGI securities and KASB securities.

Rivals of JSGC are seeking to derive the market portion through better research

and advanced services.

Different rivals have their different committee slabs systems

Strong competition is emerging in the market new because of new entrants and the turning rivals with better services

If JSGC did non maintain gait with the upcoming advanced services it may lose its market portion

Market Shares of Competitors

Goals Of Rivals

Schemes Of The Rivals

Technology Analysis

Telecommunication, Technology & A ; Media in Pakistan – JS Group investing

Until late, Pakistan ‘s telecommunication and media sectors were closely regulated. However, the liberalization of these sectors has attracted one million millions of dollars in capital investing and international companies like Telenor, Malaysia Telecom and China Telecom have late entered the telecommunication market. Pakistan allows full foreign ownership of telecommunication concerns and places no limitations on repatriation of net incomes and dividends. The telecommunication sector in Pakistan is regulated by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ( PTA ) .

Pakistan ‘s media sector was dominated by the state-owned media manufacturer and broadcaster, Pakistan Television Corporation and Radio Pakistan until 2001. There

was limited private sector engagement in broadcast Television and wireless. New telecasting broadcast Television channels and FM wireless Stationss have experienced an explosive growing during the past five old ages with a pick of over 50 national and regional Television channels now available to Pakistani viewing audiences and a broad assortment of FM wireless Stationss airing on a countrywide footing. The electronic media is regulated by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority ( PEMRA ) .

There is still a room for invention in this industry who knows what would come next but if it caters good for its consumers so it could be a hit.


Main Problem identified

Problems faced during the internship although I did non confront such a mighty job during internship but the intent is to pass on, the defects I felt, with the higher governments in the organisation. The intent of sharing this experience is merely to phase out all defects during the internship, which make the internship plan ineffective and deficient plan both for the organisation every bit good as for the housemans.

Here I am besides sharing non merely my ain experience but the observations from other housemans sing their jobs during the internship. I hope these minor defects will be receptively appreciated and will be well-entertained by the higher governments to convey the reforms in the internship plan.

Following are the jobs I faced and this is my petition to the higher direction to chew over on these possible jobs associated with the system to do it more effectual and fruitful, both for the organisation every bit good as for housemans.

The biggest job I faced during my period was the Problem of clear communicating with housemans. By the communicating job I mean that housemans are non largely really knowing about the proficient things of the capital markets, so foremost their understanding degree should be examined during the interview. And if any intern bend out to be nescient so he must be educated about the countries where he is about to larn.

Delegating research undertakings to housemans will non do things any better until to thoroughly educate him about the work you are really necessitating from him.

No affair how nescient an houseman may be about the capital market: be supportive to educate him every bit much as possible

Discrimination among the housemans may do the lower moral and productiveness job from the internees.

Lack of attending from the supervisors may take down down the lesson of the intern and hence he will blow his clip.

Intern should be involved in treatment, cognition sharing, and market information and future chances of the market. .

Decision and Recommendations

Following are my recommendations for the company:

I feel really pride to compose that I have attended the internship in my dream organisation. Although I feel pride to state that I learned a batch during my internship, yet I have few recommendations to do the internship plan more efficient, feasible and effectual. These recommendations can surely convey a elephantine alteration in the organisation and internship system can be used as an effectual tool for acquisition, cognition sharing and edifice capacity to larn more and more.

New housemans should ever be heartily welcome Alternatively of doing a rigorous feeling on the housemans, seek to understand each other and be every bit supportive as you can with the housemans

Always listen the jobs of the housemans, they normally do face jobs in the beginning, inquire about the troubles they are confronting and seek to assist them out

Communicate clearly and in a comprehensive manner with the housemans: retrieve they are non professionals like you. Give them infinite to understand and larn the system.

Ask about the positions of housemans about your organisation after the completion of internship: this will maintain you allow you cognize what people think about your organisation

Ask for their recommendations and suggestions to convey positive alterations in the

organisation and the jobs they faced during the internship

Today the universe is going a cognition economic system, seek to convey a cognition sharing or knowledge direction system in the organisation to interrupt the humdrum

Make a affair with housemans to portion cognition and information. This will give you a opportunity to larn a batch from housemans and they will be larning a batch from you excessively.

Motivate your housemans to make something phenomenal for them: and if they do something make appreciate them for their attempts and dedication


It includes the photocopy of

Internee appraisal signifier

Internship certification