The Night the Power Went Out

THE NIGHT THE POWER WENT OUT! It was a dark rainy night; the rain came down hard, sheet upon sheet, of bone chilling rain. I lay relaxed on the couch watching a horror movie when suddenly there was a loud crack of thunder and then there I lay all alone in complete darkness. I felt a little nervous but hazardously made my way to the kitchen by the guidance of the moons light. I went in search of a torch and found one on the kitchen table. I flicked it on and at that precise moment I heard a crash from above. I started to make my way towards the stairs; torch clutched tightly in one hand and a gun in the other.

As I ascended the stairs I felt an ice cold gust of wind which made me tremble all over. As I reached the second floor I found that the window was no more but shattered glass on the ground. I spun around in search of the perpetrator. As I made my way towards the shattered window something powerful tackled me and knocked the breath right out of me. I started to collapse to the ground; this sent my torch and my gun flying through the air and land in complete darkness. I turned towards my attacker and gasped in shock. It seemed like a vicious, four eyed beast with long fangs which looked like it was craving flesh; my flesh.

I searched along the ground for a weapon that may assist me and to my relief I came across a sharp object. It was the shards of broken glass from the window. I grasped it tightly and started to stab the beast ferociously. Its skin was hard but I could feel the glass piercing it and its unusually thick blood oozing down my arm. I felt its hot putrid breath upon my face as it growled viciously revealing rows upon rows of sharp yellow teeth. It started to back away but I could see that it was preparing for one final attack.

The moon lit up the entire room with an array of bright light and I managed to spot the gun. I made a dive for it and at the same time the beast made a dive for me. It ripped through my leg with is enormous teeth as I grabbed the gun. BANG! I heard a loud yelp and found the beast staggering backwards. BANG! BANG! The beast now lay sprawled on the floor motionless. I picked myself up feeling rather traumatised and with a huge cut on my leg, I limped myself to the phone but someone or something had chewed it to bits. I limped towards the open window and it was as if a cloud of fear was cast through my whole body.

My heart was beating faster than ever because down on my lawn there lay hundreds of four eyed, flesh eating beasts. I patched my leg up and gathered my torch and a lot of guns and made my way through the darkness of my home. As I reached the entrance I thought, “I have 2 options. I can stay here and wait for the beasts to feast on my flesh or I can give them a fight worth living for. ” I kicked the door open and yelled, “If I’m going to die at least I’m going to die fighting”, and as the beasts closed in I got my guns out and now the real fight for survival began. BANG! BANG! BANG! THE END!